AT Coaching bij Victorinox Company Zwitserland:

Alexander in the workplace

“I can’t imagine the company now without Alexander Technique…”
Paul Auf der Maur, Head of Production, Victorinox.

Employers: would you like to reduce your absenteeism by 30%?

Victorinox, the company that makes Swiss Army Knives, introduced the Alexander Technique to the workplace in 2002. Within five years their absenteeism from sickness and accidents dropped by 30%, from around 50 000 man-hours per year to around 30 000.

The Alexander Technique can make a huge difference in all types of work, making people more comfortable and productive in addition to reducing absenteeism. Also, since 1993 employers have been required by law to work with new employees and explain to them “the desirability of good posture” (see below).

We provide the full range of services for Alexander Technique in offices and other workplaces, including:

• Adjusting work stations
• Ergonomic advice, assessment and training
• Lifting skills
• Presentation skills
• Multi-tasking.

With our partners at Stressless Training and E.A.R.T.H Coaching we also provide:

• Stress management workshops
• Goal-setting